Tired of going through endless property listing? Not getting gennuine leads? Chances are you are not getting the best price? Not finding a property customized to your specific needs? Not able to make best choice?


No longer, as at Fnydr, we have turned the experience of home seeking on its head. With a model designed specifically from the seeker's point of view, we have ensured everything originates from and works towards fullfilling only that you seek, the way you seek, by genuine sellers at the best price. In fact, for the first time, property owners & agents shall be competing amongst themselves real time to offer you the best and the most competitive price. Thus , Fnydr gives a never before power to the home seeker. Go ahead, leverage and benefit from this new found power to you !!!

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Post Your Requirement


State your specific requirement to a wide network of owners and agents, who shall respond with customized offers to deliver you exactly what you need.

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Receive offers matching your requirements


Owners and agents can see matching offers made to you by each other compete to offer you the most competitive price.

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Shortlist Offers


We prepare summary of all offers to help you shortlist offers that match with your expectations.

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Contact Shortlisted Providers


Offers from shortlisted providers are converted into electronically generated "Terms of Use" to minimize the hassle of not finding what was committed by them.


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For property Seeker

If you are searching for any property

  • No endless hours spent on numerous searches on multiple platforms.Matching properties shall start seeking you.
  • Owners & Agents compete to deliver your specific requirement. Visibility of each other's offer makes for competetion among providers and revision of their offer, to deliver you best market determined rates and feautures.
  • Seekers share their reviews and ratings after availing the service to enable better and informed decision making.

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for property Offerer

For owners and agents who have property

  • The platform congregates only serious seekers in one place resulting in genuine leads at all times, so that you dont chase uncertains leads

  • You can view other provider's offers for a matching fulfillment, so that you have a real time opportunity to revise your offer suitably and competitively.

  • You can upload your property pictures, highlights and special feautures that shall be visible only to the seekers.

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